Wolf Z. Schmidt S. J.

Dear Friends!

this picture glows in the setting sun. I found it in the chapel of the old peoples' home, where my mother lived, in Essen. (She then moved to one in Hagen.)
It shows a saint, who is holding out his heart, burning, in his hands.
Above, a symbol of the Holy Trinity takes its place in a divine sphere, in a transparent silver. And the heart, burning with love, reflects some of the divine silver colour; so this is a rather good picture to explain, what good pastoral care means.


When we go and meet people, Christ must be at the centre. This is the message of our new pope. We were so much shocked and surprised, because no Jesuit should become bishop; Ignatius Loyola forbade it, he wanted a mobile, ready for action group of men who would go and do difficult jobs, but without being honoured by the hierarchic Church in any way. There are a few exceptions: if things are in a mess, then a religious priest may be best to work to regain good governance. Obviously -and that is my private conclusion!- the Church at large is in a dire state... that even a Jesuit needs to become Pope!

7 years I have worked as a chaplain in the hospital and in the old folks' home. I now got a new and different task from Father Provincial:
to give individually guided retreats in autumn (fall) at St. Beunos's Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Wales, Great Britain. That will keep me busy for 10 weeks at a time.

Besides, I may cooperate and continue to work for the ecumenical project OEAKS in Frankfurt, where baptized Christians are trained as pastoral care givers. A very exciting project. I need to look after the PR (media + press work) and organize the ongoing formation courses.
I like very much to work ecumenically for all Christians.
Finally, as "Father Minister" I need to look after the material needs of the community and of my 12 brothers in the house: furniture, 4 cars, and so on. Keeping the 3 employees happy.

"HE IS RISEN INDEED" we shall proclaim with great joy this Easter, as we have done so in years past.

The power of love cannot be quenched by the suffering on the cross; the power of love burns brightly and illuminates the dark. And here is the good news: we all can love, we all can be glowing, whether young or old, well or sick, bright or worn down … People like young babes and old popes serve as good examples: we can love and we are lovable, we give and we receive more ...

And this is, why our God is a God of Life and of Love: he conquered for us our enemies: darkness, sin and death. He conquered them completely and for ever. They are finished and hold no power any longer over our lives.

Happy Easter to you and your family, your friends and all you cherish!


Easter 2013