Scene 1:
High up, in the snowy mountains, someone is resting on a bench. His eyes are closed.
He is smiling. What is it, that makes him so glad?
The sunrays are caressing his face. He had to close his eyes, because of the brightness of the light. And it gently warms his face. That is really great.
This radiance of the sun and the warmth on his face make his smile.
Could this be a parable for the love, God has for us?
"His face is shining above us," as the book Numeri says (6:25)
Warm and bright and full of love.
If we are attentive to such moments in our lives, then our heartfelt desire will be:
Yes, I do want to believe and trust in this God.

God's face may shine upon you.

Thousands of years ago humans realized, that this is the way God is towards them:
full of light, gracious and very personal.

Scene 2:
A lady embarks from a high speed train. On the platform, she seeks someone, she was expecting: her friend, who had promised her to pick her up. Has she come?
She looks left and right, a little uncertain.
Oh, there she is!
Excited, she waves with her arm. Her friend istantly reckognizes her and joyfully advances, arms wide open. "It's really you?"; they hold one another and then embrace. What joy!
Now the friend takes over to carry her luggage and side by side they leave the station.
They have a lot to tell to one another!
A parable for the love, God has for us?

God wants to see us, our pain and our joy,
God is a god who wants to encounter us, who wants to be with us, who is awaiting us,
an Emmanuel.
Surely at the beginning of this new year:
God is there for us, we can turn to God:

God turns his face to me and gives me salvation (Numeri 6:26)

God loves me and God rejoices about me.
Just like as if I was the only person on earth....!

Mary realized the greatness of God; first she was a bit frightened, but the she rejoiced, gratefully:
Magnificat: my soul rejoices at the greatness of God!

Again and again we find ourselves blessed.
Every day we make the sign of the cross and bless ourselves.
Our good wishes and greetings bless other people.

As people of God, we are blessed:
-- with the signs of God's presence, the sacraments,
-- with God's holy Word
with the angels and the saints, especially with Mary, the Mother Of God.
She tells us today: do, what Jesus tells you to do (like at the wedding at Cana).
Let us rejoice that we believe in a God who is there for us, who blesses us
and who turns to us, full of love. Amen.

(The reading of this day was Numeri, 6:22-27)

Sermon on 1st January 2007, the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God.
P. Wolf Zanorashe Schmidt S. J.